Local services in Lakewood

Lakewood also houses Lakewood High School, Green Mountain High School, Bear Creek High School, Brady Exploration High School, Alameda International High School, and International Baccalaureate schools in Jefferson County. Lakewood is also home to Colorado Christian University. The town is serviced by the Jefferson County Public Library. Lakewood maintains a council/manager form of government. Citizens elect a City Council consisting of the mayor, who is elected at-large, and 10 City Council members, two from each of the city's five geographical wards. The mayor and the council members assert the policies for the operation of the city government. The city of Lakewood, Colorado hosts a couple of great shopping centres which all shopping lovers will enjoy. You can also find great dentists for a great price there. If you wish you can rent a car and explore the city much easier.

Shopping in Lakewood


Many people prefer going through a shopping therapy that visiting the local spa center. It is up to you to choose how you would prefer relaxing after a long week of working. Lakewood, Colorado...
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Car Rentals in Lakewood

Car Rentals

Lakewood, Colorado is home to many breathtaking attractions. In order to get from point A to point B easily you are going to need a vehicle. That Is why there are a few Rent A Car services which...
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Dental Care in Lakewood

Dental Care

The dentists in Lakewood have only one goal – they want to make your smile perfect. In order for them to do this you will have to trust them. That is why they have all the required and modern...
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